Street Signage Cleaning


For the next six weeks, every street I'm in doing window cleans if the street has dirty signs I'm going to clean them and take a before and after picture.

​Why I'm I doing this you might ask?

Because these dirty signs bug me and they shouldn’t be left to get that dirty. Well that’s my opinion anyway. Just to make everyone aware yes, I'm doing this out of the goodness of my heart and if you see me cleaning any signs feel free to stop and give me a hand.

This all started one day when I started to take note of just how many dirty signs there is around Dumfries.

After speaking to my customer who lives on the street about this sign she highly agreed with me that the sign had been in this condition for some time. So I got the bucket filled with suds and start cleaning away.

Dumfriesshire street signs will go from shabby to chamois


Community gesture by big-hearted window cleaner will spruce up filthy road signs in Dumfries. Window cleaner Mark Melbourne is going to clean all the dirty street sign he passes during his window cleaning round in Dumfries.

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