Property Cleaning


Our Property cleaning service is used by home owners, landlords and tenants across the UK.


Need your property cleaned before you move in?

Putting your property on the market?

Getting ready to end your tenancy, request a quote now.​

Moving House

End of Tenancy

End of tenancy cleaning is used by home owners, tenants and landlords across the UK.


If your moving in or out of rented accommodation give us a call today to find out our next availability.​

Commercial Cleaning


Let your business be our business. Let us take care of the overall appearance of your business premises.

We will leave your desks, kitchens, toilets, floors, windows and carpets spotless. 

Oven Cleaning


We understand not everyone likes cleaning ovens. At ScS we realise we are probably the only people who enjoy cleaning ovens.

Most ovens hold the remnants from hundreds of previously cooked dinners, yet we continue to place our fresh food in there for our children and loved ones to eat when cooked. It just doesn’t register that all that old grease and fat has carbonised and lives in our ovens for months, sometimes years.


With regular oven cleaning from ScS we can keep on top of that problem.

Carpet Cleaning


Why buy new when you can have your carpets and upholstery cleaned for a fraction of the cost?

Advantages of Carpet Cleaning....


1. Extends the life of your carpet
2. Contributes to a healthier environment
3. Complete removal of dirt and bacteria
4. Eliminates Carpet Stains
5. No Residues
6. Reduces Traffic Lane Effects
7. Enhances overall appearance of the room


Window Cleaning

Our window cleaning service is available to both Domestic & Commercial customers.

Gutter Cleaning

Clogged gutters can cause a multitude of problems, including damage to your foundation, siding and roof.

PVCu Cleaning


Our PVCu Cleaning really helps to Improve the look of your PVCu Fascia and Soffits.


Regular cleaning reduces the build up of dirt and eliminates the risk of permanent staining and that’s why we make every effort to ensure when we leave, It looks it’s absolute best.

Conservatory Cleaning


Our Conservatory and PVCu Cleaning really helps to Improve the look of your Conservatory.


Regular cleaning reduces the build up of dirt and eliminates the risk of permanent staining. 

From Window clean to full cleans internal and external we have it all covered.

Signage Cleaning

Your company signage is the first thing prospective clients see when they visit you for the first time. A dirty sign doesn’t create the right impression. If you own a business signage cleaning is something you can’t do without.

Shop Sign

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